Overachievers are made, not born. It's about developing GRIT.

Why must you decide between two types of keynote speakers? An athlete, who has exciting stories, but can’t relate to the audience, or a business expert, who relates to the audience, but isn’t as exciting as the athlete. Unfortunately, your budget allows for one speaker. However, with Anthony Reed, you get an
  • an international, hands-on executive, who's received national technology and accounting awards,
  • a technology, management, and sports writer,
  • a two-time national hall of fame distance runner and world history making marathoner, AND
  • a twenty-nine-time award winning documentary director, writer, and producer of ​​​​​​​Breakng Three Hours and We ARE Distance Runners and their related shorts in US, Canadian, Swedish, and Indian film festivals.​​​​​​​
He fuses global executive IT project management experiences with international athletics. He’ll give your audience the tools to become more self-motivated, more flexible, and able to fully engage their co-workers and subject matter experts to deliver better solutions.

This isn’t theory. These are real-world, practical solutions.
Anthony delivering banquet keynote speech in Berlin, Germany.
Anthony interviewed by UBizNews in Paris, France about his autobiography and documentaries.

Business/Technical Summary

This 25-year, business executive started his career as a DBA and taught collegiate logical and physical DB design courses. As his responsibilities expanded to manage all international enterprise applications, he sought professional certifications in those areas; certified in project management (PMP), accounting (CPA), and supply chain management. His project teams implemented a $12 million international project for ONLY $2.6 million and a 27-month project in nine months. He’s received national recognition and awards from professional accounting, project management, and technology organizations.

He spent several years on the Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG) board of directors and the Dallas Oracle Users Group CIO Advisory Council. He also served on the board of directors for the Dallas (formerly White Rock) Marathon, Running USA, and other non-profit organizations.

He combined his three passions (i.e. management, international travel, and running) and became the CEO of Caribbean Endurance Sports (CES) Corporation. They're the organizer of the Five Island Challenge - Marathon and Half Marathon. This involves running half or full marathons at these topical venues 

  • Bermuda Triangle Challenge
  • Reggae Marathon & Half Marathon
  • Marathon Bahamas
  • Run Barbados Marathon Weekend
  • Cayman Islands Marathon
Athletic Credentials
As an international athlete, hall of fame marathoner, and certified distance running coach, he’s one of about 50 people in the world who completed the marathon “hat trick.” This involves finishing (1) at least 100 marathons (2) in all 50 States and (3) all seven continents. He won age group and weight division medals and trophies for placing in national and international 5K's, marathons (26.2 miles/42.2K) and biathlons (biking/running). He’s also a triathlete. He's the first Black in the world to complete marathons on all seven continents, including Antarctica.

2017 NBMA and 2022 RRCA Distance Running Hall of Fame Awards

Speaking at the New York Road Runners' all-employee town hall meeting.

Marathon Medal Corner

Using Skills From Directing Technical Projects to Directing Award-Winning Sports Documentaries
Anthony was given the opportunity to combine his passions, project management, running and history, into writing and directing two award winning documentaries, Breaking Three Hours and We ARE Distance Runners. The same project management techniques and soft skills used to management multi-million dollar, international technology projects were used to manage the pre-production, production, and post-production phases of the documentaries and related soundtrack video. Anthony proves that project management soft skills are tranferrable to many different areas.
Anthony on the red carpet before winning two film festival awards.
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